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Simpler Developer Resources

Here you can find guides, references and resources to help you easily integrate with Simpler.

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See All Pre-Built Integrations

Supported Platforms

Simpler ships multiple plug-and-play integrations for the most popular eCommerce platforms. If your store runs on one of the major platforms, continue here.

Custom Integrations Quickstart

Custom Integrations

The Simpler platform interface offers unparalleled configuration options for any store. If your store runs on an unsupported platform or you want full control over your integration start here.

Learn more about Simpler

More about Simpler

Learn more about how to use Simpler to optimize your eCommerce store's checkout flow.


Go to the Platform Interface Tutorial

Platform Interface Tutorial

Start with an end-to-end tutorial for implementing your own custom integration with Simpler Checkout.

Read the Button Placement Guidelines

Button Placement Guidelines

Improve your store's user experience by using our battle tested button positioning guidelines for desktop and mobile placements.

Read our Marketing Guide

Marketing Guide

How to effectively inform your customers about your partnership with Simpler and encourage shoppers to utilise Simpler for a superior shopping experience.

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