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This guide provides an overview of the required steps for the end to end integration of your storefront with Simpler Checkout, using the Simpler Platform Interface API & SDK.

Data Flow

The following figure illustrates the flow of data and actions between your Storefront, Simpler Checkout and the Platform Interface.

The Simpler Javascript SDK offers you a simple interface that you can use to render the Simpler Quick Buy button anywhere you want, and the SDK will handle styling and layout, as well as opening the Checkout dialog and responding to changes.

Once the checkout window opens, the shopper will be navigated to the Simpler Checkout environment, which will communicate with your systems via the Platform interface in order to retrieve the data required to display the form and handle the checkout.

When the shopper completes the purchase, the control will pass back to the SDK, where the success handlers you have supplied will be invoked in order to handle any redirections and cleanup steps needed to complete the flow.

The Javascript SDK

The Javascript SDK includes a custom HTML element and companion functions that allow you to render the Simpler Quick Buy button anywhere you want, and it will handle all the details of styling the button as well as opening the checkout dialog.

You can find a complete walkthrough of the SDK here.

The Platform Interface

The platform interface allows stores to integrate their existing solutions for catalog, cart, and order management with Simpler Checkout — without the need to replatform.

It consists of a set of API calls that you implement on your server in order for Simpler to be able to :

  • retrieve information on your product catalog
  • retrieve shipping option information
  • retrieve pricing information for shopping carts created via Simpler
  • submit orders completed via Simpler to your systems.

You can find a deep dive on implementing the platform interface here.

Alternatively, you can browse the complete API Reference in OpenAPI format here.