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Installation Guide

  1. Install the Simpler Checkout Module

Download the OpenCart module archive by visiting our releases page and clicking on the ocmod link.

Login to your OpenCart admin panel, go to the "Extensions" menu and select "Installer".

Click the "Upload" button and select the downloaded file.

Wait for the module to be uploaded and installed.

  1. Configure the Module

Go to the "Extensions" menu and select "Extensions"

Select "Modules" from the dropdown list.

Find "Simpler" and click the "Install" button.

Click on the "Edit" Button, and you will be redirected to the module configuration page.

Enter your credentials for each of the stores you want to connect to Simpler, and enable each store by checking the "Store Status" checkbox.

Set your Stats to "Enabled" and you're ready to supercharge your customers' checkout flow!


Sandbox Testing

If you want to run tests using a sandbox Simpler environment, you will have to retrieve a different set of credentials. Once you have these, check the "Test Mode" checkbox and you'll only be able to see the Simpler Button when you're logged in as an administrator.